Mission and Vision


As Güneyler Group, when choosing our investment plans, we aim to not lose the trust we have gained from the customer portfolio that we provide our services to. Although the investments that we have made since 1970 (textile, foreign exchange, gold, construction investments and the Center for Culture and the Arts) have different business concepts in their respective fields, the concept of reliable service is the common point. Our customers should rely on the Güneyler Group family and the quality of service to be provided to them in the service they will receive from any of our investments. We must protect this relationship with our customers. Service can be perfected. The important thing is to do it flawlessly while presenting it.


GÜNEYLER is a company that adopts quality as a way of life and maintains accuracy and trust as its most important values. GÜNEYLER, since its foundation, has established a different position among the reputable companies of the sector with the construction works it has executed and the housing projects it has produced with the commitment of management based on “respect to human”.

In Güneyler Construction, everything from employment to operation is defined by vision and values. We are working with superior success in terms of quality and implementation period with the aim of creating permanent works by revealing differences in the tasks undertaken. We are increasing our continuous contribution to our economy but also for contemporary and modern Turkey. We are a company that sets standards for efficiency, quality, work and employee safety in the construction sector. We are working with companies taking place among Turkey's most reliable and objective consciousness. We are shaping our future from today. We create safe structures, spaces and profitable investment opportunities for our customers. We are developing projects in the light of the first and exemplary designs that bear the pioneer and entrepreneurial spirit in the world and nationwide. We have the consciousness and responsibility to construct architectural works of our country as important milestones.